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"The world is not to be put in order, the world is in order. It is for us to put ourselves in unison with this order."- Henry Miller

rec·on·cile' re-k&n-"sIl verb
1 a : to restore to friendship or harmony
<reconciled the factions> b : SETTLE, RESOLVE<reconcile differences>
2 : to make consistent or congruous <reconcile an ideal with reality>

A long time ago, as a young child, I began to put together the pieces of a mental puzzle that would ultimately allow me to comprehend and connect the true nature of all things in this universe down to a single underlying dynamic by which everything in our world- both natural and subjective- occurs. I have, one might say because of life circumstances, followed the River of Life and ended up in the Sea of Wisdom.

What would you think if I told you that what I've found out from my journey, is that there truly is a way to see beyond the illusions and confusion created by the world around us? That there is a way to pierce the veil of illusion that is created by the subjective/objective view that we hold of ourselves, and our world. What if I told you that there really is a way to see the truth and unrealized potential in each moment and in each circumstance, and that there is a way to simply choose a better life and existence for all? Would you believe me?

And what if I told you that this method of understanding and improving our individual and collective reality's involved nothing more than endeavoring to see things truthfully as they are occurring, instead of as we do; with misperceptions and wrong opinions that we unknowingly hold? And what if this method of seeing the actual working dynamic of creation all around us was supported not only by modern science, but by ancient scripture as well, and can be found at the base of the majority of the religions on the planet, thereby reconciling the discoveries of modern science with the ancient wisdoms of the followers of unseen gods? What if there was a way to understand what "god" is, and what it isn't, and why everything becomes the way that it does around us, without fail?

I ask the preceding "what-if's" as a quick and simple self-test of your prejudice, open mindedness and readiness to accept the possibility of this concept: that there truly is an understandable order to everything that occurs in this universe, and it can be seen and used by us to create a better world for ourselves and each other.

I see my intention of expressing this perspective to others as a reconciliation, because as stated in the definition above, it involves the reconciling of the seemingly mutually exclusive base understandings of science and religion as being one and the same; that there is no difference between Creationism and Evolution; that "Time" and "Gravity" don't really exist as separate entities, but are actually the physical manifestation of the same force of continual creation; that we truly are made of star dust, and that the "god" that we choose to follow creates our reality through our choices and responses, regardless of our opinion or unrealized intent.

The ideas contained herein are part of a work in progress and an attempt to communicate a new, unequivocal perspective of the true nature of the occurrence of each moment in ones life and indeed, all of our collective reality. Although it is a new perspective, it is a perspective available for us to view because of all of the efforts of prior human beings to understand and see the world around us. We can see so far today because we stand on the shoulders of many that have come before us.

Although it's just a beginning on a road to understanding, I sincerely hope you enjoy reading the enclosed material, and that this world begins to make a little more sense to you after you have, because it can.

Michael Galileo

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