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Real Time

The thing about Time is that Time isn’t really real” - James Taylor “The Secret of Life”

Time may not be real, but its cumulative. A year is 584 million miles long, and is made up of 31,000,000 seconds, each one 18.5 miles long. Each second contains all of the information of all of the seconds that have come before it, back to the first one. Collectively the choices that we make in each second create “The Code” of our life experience. If you live for 72 years that’s 2.25 billion seconds, but the universe only gives them to you one at a time.

This is the “flow” and speed of human life on earth.

The Buddha and all his successors warn against intellectual structures that confine us to an artificial reality, and against concepts that smear over the living fact of things as themselves.” - Robert Aitken

Michael Galileo’s Real Time is about seeing time and reality in a whole new way- as an electromagnetic accumulation of conditions chosen from possibility that changes moment to moment from what it is to what it will be. Life is not a road one walks, but a moving river that one navigates, and it’s moving from beginning to end at 18.5 miles a second. If one is to successfully reach ones goals, one must look ahead and read the river for changing conditions and opportunities, and make the choices necessary to avoid setbacks and to be delivered to ones desired destinations.

We must move from the illusion of certainty to the certainty of illusion.” - Sam Keen

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