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Every Second Comes
  Every second comes another moment is...
The Earth Goes 'Round the Sun
  Earth goes 'round and 'round the Sun,
  it goes it every day.
  It goes in one direction,
  it goes it just one way.
How Can You See the Wind?
  How can you see the Wind?
  How do you know that itıs there?
  How can you see this disturbance
  thatıs pushing around all the air?
Do you Know Where you are?
  Do you know where you are?
  Do you know where you be?
  Do you even know that youıre in
  a Re-al-i-ty?
How Big Is A Second?
  Do you know how big a second is?
  Have you given it any thought?
  Did anybody mention it?
  Is it something you were taught?

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