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The Speed of Life
Most people would question the importance of knowing at what speed their life occurs. Many people would even be quite surprised to know that life on planet Earth happens at a particular rate in the first place, or that their “future” comes from a particular direction. But it does, and being aware of the relative speed and direction by which our human life experience is occurring around us can be the touchstone to important understandings that can lead to increased personal success in creating a world of ones liking and choosing.

A Statement of Evolutionary Dynamics
In this perceivable physical universe (10-35cm to 1026cm, approx. ) the force of electromagnetic evolution acts equally on all of its entities to create the environment for them to become what they do based on the potential inherent in their collective properties. All universal matter and “ non”, or “dark” matter is of equal intrinsic value to the affects of this objective evolutionary force, just as its local physical manifestation which appears to us as “time” and “gravity” affects physical objects equally. But the individual properties of the entities affected by this force, will react to the application of said evolutionary force with different, but consistent results based upon their inherent “nature”, or composition and “balance” of components.

It's Electric!
Achieving this understanding has taken my full attention and focus for the better part of 50 years, and that my understandings could not have happened without all of the scientific advances of the past, and the evolved methods of communication which today provide a collective microscope and telescope to observe our existence to the edges of this reality.

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