Poetry by Michael Galileo

Every Second Comes

Every second comes
another moment is...

         - M. Galileo


oments donít happen any old time
Moments occur one by one in a line.
And each little moment, a second to you,
Offers a choice to choose what we do.
And each little thing that we each choose to do
Creates our world, like 1 + 1 = 2.

Each moment adds up on top of the last.
(In some inner circles, this is known as the past!)
Or Karma to some, itís the same kind of thing,
And about the possibilities that each moment can bring.

Because of the things that have happened before
The moments to come, become even more.
Just as a building goes up piece by piece
The adding of moments in life doesnít cease.

It starts from the moment you first come to be
And goes so far out itís too far to see.
But moment by moment each step every day
Itís our choices that lead us along on our way.

Because the future is made up of additional seconds
that add on to each other as the next moment beckons,
and becomes what it does by each of our choosing
and choose as we do our winning and losing.


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